January / 2016 14:18
China Dragon Telecom is invited to attend the 2016 China Unicom Global Business Congress
China Unicom Global held Global Business Congress and released its “U plan” toexpand global business in Hong Kong on January 12th, 2016.  China Dragon Telecom as its core partner is invited to attend the meeting.

More than 200 global partners, clients and China Unicom’ staffs coming from 22 countries participated in the conference and explored the global development 
opportunities.China Dragon Telecom is honored to join and also hope to have closer cooperation relationship and commonly develop global business with China Unicom. 

China Dragon Telecom offer cross-area, one-stop MPLS-VPN service for the global enterprise clients by experienced MPLS technology.  With the network scale expanding, our POPs have already covered most of major, medium cites in China and even can reach overseas by partners’ network.
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