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Cloud Host
CDT has close strategic cooperation with Aliyun, Foxconn, HuaWei, Amazon, IBM to develop the leading cloud hosting service. CDT cloud hosting is able to be configurated as required and smoothly upgraded. The self-control panel can help user restart the sever, initialize system and query the history of flow graph, ect.. CDT cloud hosting is leading the trend with powerful function, excellent quality and first-class service.

Service Application:We offer  cloud hosting services in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Features of Product

• Flexibility
It is flexible to change the configuration of the Server as required with dynamic provision of computing resources. Cloud Server supports package upgrade or day-to-day bandwidth upgrade(no need to shut down). It is ready to meet the needs of business development at any time.

• Safety and Stability 
There are multiple copies of each data by using large-scale distributed computing system. It supports cloud server fault automatic migration and fast recovery. The build-in firewalls of security groups can put an end to ARP attack and MAC spoofing, effectively protect from DDOS attack by port instruction scan, horse scanning and vulnerability scanning, ect..

• Excellent Feature and Cost Saving 
The excellent computing feature of cloud hosting can meet various application requirements for Internet and save 20% to 70% of human operation and maintenance cost.

• Simplicity 
Integrity management authority of cloud server: It only takes several minutes from creation to start. Super administrator privileges enable to deploy various Internet applications. It is easy to shut down, start, restart, reset and modify password through the web management mode.

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