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CDT’s IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit) is a point-to-point private line solution that organizations and service providers use to communicate between offices that are geographically dispersed throughout the world. 

This dedicated private link can be used for business data exchange, voice, video conferencing, internet access or any other form of telecommunication. CDT provides IPLCs that perfectly match business requirements in terms of speed and quality and reach more than 20 countries across Asia, Europe and North America. CDT’s IPLC reduces latency and improves productivity .Moreover, it is more cost effective.

The following diagram demonstrates how the IPLC works.


Benefits & Features

•Secure private network for confidentiality and reduced risk. Immune to interference from any outside agency in  any form.
•Monthly/annual rental with no usage charge.
•Premium bandwidth guaranteed.
•24/7/365 technical support.
•One-Stop-Shop arrangement for optimal convenience -customers only need to liaise with only one party with single billing process.
•Flexible commercial arrangement – provide customized solution based on customer needs.
•Reduced co-location cost with equipment at your China premise.
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